Employee Benefits

If you want to secure the best employees for your business, you’ve got to pay them more than a competitive wage. You need a good employee benefits package, too! Fergurson Insurance Agency, Inc. Insurance uses our connections with numerous top-rated insurance carriers to develop an employee benefits plan that gives your employees a high level of value, while still keeping the premiums and out-of-pocket costs you pay at a reasonable rate.

Which employee benefits products do you offer?

Ready to give your employee benefits plan a boost? Check out some of the top employee benefits insurance products we can help you with. We’ll shop the market for you and provide you with multiple quotes from different carriers to help you compare which benefits are best for your investment.

  • Individual & Group Health Insurance
  • Short- & Long-Term Disability
  • Fully Insured & Self-insured Plans
  • Long-term Care / Medicare Supplements
  • Individual & Group Dental
  • Life Insurance – Business & Personal
  • Public Employee Health Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits

Why should I offer Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage?

Giving your employees a safety net if the unthinkable happens is always a good plan. Plus, it’s relatively easy and affordable to incorporate into your employee benefits package. Not only will your employees appreciate the extra coverage, but you’re also providing them with added benefits they couldn’t get on their own—like hefty discounts for large volume life policies. And, they can take some of the benefits with them if they no longer work for you. For example, if you offer a term life insurance product, they can convert it to a permanent policy.

Aren’t group dental plans expensive?

Not necessarily. Fergurson Insurance Agency, Inc. Insurance can help you shop the market to find a plan that helps meet all of your employees’ dental needs with premiums they can afford. Options you can select include deductible levels, coinsurance options, maximum benefit choices, and orthodontia coverage.

Why should we add short-term disability benefits?

Having to give up a paycheck for several weeks or months will cause most employees financial strain (and a fair amount of stress). Yet sometimes, an illness, injury, or pregnancy makes the time off unavoidable. Short-term disability coverage helps replace a portion of an employee’s income during his or her time off and can be coordinated to supplement any employer-sponsored sick time program. Waiting periods do apply, but when in a pinch, this benefit really helps employees out.

Get free employee benefits quotes from multiple carriers and build a package that attracts your best employees.